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Volunteering Opportunity


Community works – for the underprivileged demography of remote Nepal

There are very few nations in the world that experience uncommon social crimes and several adverse consequences frequently as the result of lacking in social awareness and sadly Nepal is one of them. Some of the cultural taboos, which are deeply rooted in the minds and souls of so-called conservative heads of Nepalese communities, have made many societies in this Himalayan nation a hard place to live in.

Human trafficking from the remote districts of Nepal has been the mode of livelihood for many evil heads of Nepal, which results thousands young girls to become the part of forced prostitution in Indian cities and Middle East. Similarly, the honor killing frequently gets space in the newspaper headlines in Nepal. Gender Discrimination and the discrimination based on caste people belong to still is in practice in Nepal.
During our volunteering tours in Nepal, we also have provisions to take you to the places, where the lack of social awareness has made the place a hell. We shall take you to the remote corners of the Himalayan nation and allow the opportunities where you shall conduct awareness campaigns so that the underprivileged demography of that particular place gets enlightened and hence become able to decide on their own during the misleading talks and activities executed by group of frauds and conservative people. Join our volunteering tours to socially aware the innocents of Nepal so that they would bless you for ages for the contribution you do to change their lives forever. Our community works also includes empowering women by educating and equipping them with knowledge to avoid social adversities that often happen in Nepal. Educating the uneducated communities with technical studies, cleanliness and personal hygiene are also the part of our community works.


Educating the abandoned kids of Nepal

The people of western world have been to moon and Mars, whereas the remote communities of Nepal still are deprived of achieving proper education. Lack of abundant infrastructures and enough schools and colleges have hindered the lives of many bright students in remote Nepal forcing them to live the traditional lifestyle. Although, education at the present is the most handy tool to lead the successful and prosperous life, the saddest part is that not every kid in Nepal still enjoy the rights of being educated. Major reasons for children forced to leave the opportunities of education includes the family disputes, degrading financial status of the family, lack of abundant infrastructures and educational materials and the lack of motivation. Everyone agrees with the logic that kids are the future building blocks of the nation and witnessing the abandoned kids in the streets of Nepal, who even lack the proper identification and lead the aimless lives, we realize the humanity is sinking.
The streets of major towns of Nepal including are the ideal homes to many abandoned kids, who stroll around the major tourist hubs pursuing petty amounts to fulfill their minor needs like food and of course, drugs. Being homeless and living the aimless life, manifests extreme pain in the streets of Nepalese towns. Even in the villages the kids who were victimized during the decade long Maoist war has no access to proper education. As a result, some are forced for child labor and others choose to live a painful independent life- not answerable and accountable for anyone else on earth.

Our aim is to find as many as donors for the education of abandoned kids do so that they get proper opportunities to equip themselves with the skills so that they can lead the life that has happiness and a purpose.


Tour to provide the better health for the people of remote Nepal

The remote villages of Nepal are still in the primitive stage, where people die because of the minor epidemic or they are bound to suffer with the illness, which could be healed easily in the modern communities. The lack of health stations and insufficient resources has made many settlements of the remote Nepal, dangerous places to live.

Our volunteering tours that focus on improving the health of the people of remote Nepal not only offer them free treatments they also convey the strong and valid messages to the locals to treat the small diseases with the limited resources they acquire. Our tours also help these villages to build health posts where needed and offers them the medicinal supplies for free so that people can be treated well in their homes whenever required. Besides, our aim is also to train the locals of these regions so that they play vital roles in treating their people whenever required.

We welcome the team of health professionals to these remote corners of Nepal to educate the ignorant natives about their rights to be equally treated upon being sick or upon having any physical disorders. Besides, we also have clear principle that states that people in remote Nepal should not die of minor sickness, which are easily treated sickness in the urban areas. Be the part of volunteering tours that could help a cure the illness that people in the remote corners of Nepal are suffering in huge numbers.


Supporting the victims of devastating quake 2015 that recently struck Central Nepal

The nation suffering with extreme poverty has been recently struck by the powerful quake, which makes huge adverse impact in 14 districts of Central Nepal. Many have become homeless, many lost their dear ones and many kids have been orphaned. Our Quake Victim Relief Volunteering Tours in Nepal take you to one of the villages critically affected by the quake.

During our quake victim relief tours, we urge you to support the real victims with permanent settlements with whatever resources you have as the primary relief activities have already been executed successfully. During these tours we shall organize your meetings with the pre-identified real quake victims and hence we will make you easier to support the families of real victims with shelter, education and of course, the livelihood.

Moreover during these tours, you have plenty of options to pick the region or village that blends more appropriately with the natural and the cultural aspects of Nepal.

Join our volunteering tours that takes you to the quake affected regions of Nepal and so that your small effort can bring the significant difference in the lives of the quake victims. We shall not compel you to contribute as per our or the victim’s wish – the choice is all yours to put the effort of every kind you wish.

(Refer Survey E book courtesy Embassy of Nepal & Delhi University KMC college students- under the guidance of Dr.Seema M Parihar)

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