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Online Puja and Prasad Booking Procedure

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Online Puja and Prasad Booking Procedure

Articles used in every Puja (Add onn articles are based upon Puja Service)

  • Lord Ganesha Idol or Picture placed on altar.
  • Kalash filled with Gangajal (holy water)
  • Chowky (seat) with Red Cloth for giving Asanas to all Gods and Goddesses, Planets and other Associate Dieties, so that they can recline when beckoned.
  • Prayer items including Agarbattis, Camphor, Lamps with Ghee and wicks, Sandalwood paste, Kumkum, Rice, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Sugar, Perfume, Fresh Fruits, Betel Leaves and Nuts, Coconut, Mouli, Flowers, Malas, Durba, Aarti Thaal, Sweets ( Naivedyam ), Dry Fruits, Food for Brahmins, Cardamom, clothes for Brahmins, Janau ( a white thread ), Gulab Jal, Bilva Patra, HavanSamagri, Havan wood for all the nine planets (Samidha), Jau-Tal, Guggal, Mustard Seed, Kamal Kakdi (Lotus Beads), Astgandh etc.
  • Support representative from Tirath Puja Team (For E Service shall be available as your representative and if you are doing yourself shall assist you)

Procedure of a Puja :

Subject associate Purohits from Tirath Puja take the Sankalp in the name of the person for whom the puja is being performed, which is followed by recital of Mantras for a definite number of times along with other Brahmins present so that the total number of recitals which is in thousands is achieved within the specified time period. After that a Homam is performed where the Lord Agni is Invoked and Offerings are made to him in the form of Ghee, Prasad (usually sweets, Fruits, Coconut etc.) and many other items as recommended in our scripts while chanting mantras of the deity for whom the entire Puja has been performed. After a successful Homam, an Aarti of the related Deity is recited and this marks the completion of Puja.
During the Puja, all the items (Yantra, Rudraksha Mala, Rudraksha etc.) which are to be sent as Prasadam to the client are also ENERGIZED prior to sending them as Prasadam.

Procedure of Conduction of Puja

  • At Step one , Asanas are prepared for summoning all the Gods and Goddesses, Navgrahas and other Deities
  • A Ghee Lamp is kindled in the name of God.
  • SwastiVachan ritual is performed in which Guruji seeks Blessings for the welfare of the client
  • Shanti Path is done in which all the Gods and Goddesses are prayed by reciting the Ved Mantras
  • Thereafter a “Sankalp” is taken by one of the Brahmins on behalf of the client so that he becomes designated to perform all the rituals during the entire puja on behalf of the client since he virtually represents the client after Sankalp for the purpose of Puja
  • After this, the Pujan is done for Devi Ganga, Bhumi (Earth), Lords of all 10 directions, Lord Surya, Lord Ganesha, Kalash Dev, Goddess Lakshmi, Navgrah (all the 9 planets), Lord Brahma & Lord Agni
  • A Special Puja is done for the particular Puja’s prime Deity, Yantra and Mantras &Stotras are recited in the total count as required. Any special recitation if required as well as any special ritual needed to be performed which is necessary to the Puja being performed is also done without fail.
  • Thereafter Homam is done in which Agni Devta is invoked using the holy woods and offering a special paste made by mixing Oat, Ghee, Til, Guggle, Mustard Seeds and HawanSamagri. These offerings or alms are known as Aahutis and they are done in fixed numbers which varies with the type of Puja being conducted.
  • Thereafter a Purnahuti is executed in which a Coconut filled with Ghee and other Sacred items like HawanSamagri, Sugar etc. is offered to the Agni Dev in the Homam
  • It is followed by an Aarti which is done for the Deity or the planet for whom the Puja has been conducted. After that few other rituals as prescribed in the sacred Vedic texts are also carried out
  • Thereafter the prasadam items which have been positively charged during the Puja are once again blessed by our Guruji and they are neatly packed in a sacred box
  • Thereafter the Brahmins who have taken part in the Puja are offered Food followed by donation known as Dakshina which includes fresh fruits, clothes and money


Puja Prasadam  (For E booking of Puja)


Prasadam of Puja comprises of several auspicious elements, as they are energized during the Puja and dispatched to our clients so that they can get maximum benefits & satisfaction from the Puja that has been performed especially for the devotee by our Guruji and his team of Brahmins.

The items included in the Puja Prasadam are as follows:

> An Auspicious Chunri which can be settled on your Puja Altar or on the idols of Deity or Yantras.

> Kumkum (sacred vermilion) and Akshat (Rice) sent in small self locking bag to be applied on forehead after you have receive the consignment of the Prasadam.

> Energized Red Thread (Mouli) sent in small pouch bag which has to be tied on the Right Hand wrist for Males and on the Left Hand wrist for Females. Carefully note that this Mouli is very Auspicious and hence it can be tied on the hands of rest of your family members as well. This Mouli builds a Protective and Auspicious Aura wherever it is tied in the name of God.

> An Energized Rudraksha Mala/ Crystal mala (depending upon the Puja) which may be worn by you or optionally the same can be kept on your Puja Temple .

> A Yantra which has been kept in the Puja. (Drawing of Panditji on floor is shot by mobile and shared by email/ whatsapp) Please note that only those Yantras will be sent which can be kept in the Home Puja Temple. If the yantra kept in the puja has to be disposed off, then it will be done here itself by our Guruji in the name of the client/devotee.

> An Energized 5 MukhiRudraksha bead which may be worn by you or alternately kept on the Puja altar / Cash Box.

> Special Instrument/ subject if any used in puja shall be sent with the consignment

Note :We do not send any edible items for consumption since the same can get spoiled while in transit and thereby becoming unsuitable for consumption.

Asthi Visarjan In Rameshwaram

After the last rites are performed the remains of the dead person are collected, these are mostly tied in a piece of cloth. In the end, the immersed ashes will flow in quiet water like a river or Sea.

Key Insights:

  • Asthi Visarjan is performed in Rameshwaram Kshetra
  • You have to bring Asthi in a Mud Pot/Kalash
  • Charges Start from 8100.
  • All Pooja Materials will be arranged by us.
  • You can call and book your slot.

Our Promise :

  • Vedic and experienced Vadhyar.
  • Asthi Visarjan puja Samagries will be arranged.
  • We Guarantee high quality of service and a positive devotee experience.
  • Puja is performed as per Shastras.
  • Rameshwaram is a holy place and one of the Chardhams. Asthis of the departed soul is immersed in the holy Agniteertham or near Dhanushkodi. As this offered in the holy waters will help the soul of the departed attain freedom from the cycle of rebirth, thereby achieving peace. Asthi Visarjan at Rameshwaram is a really very important religious process. The meaning of Asthi is the leftover bone or some collected ashes of dead people. After the last rites are performed the remains of the dead person are collected, these are mostly tied in a piece of cloth. In the end, the immersed ashes will flow in quiet water like a river. This overall process of immersion is called “Asthi visarjan”.
  • Asthi Visarjan should always be performed in a prescribed manner as specified in our scriptures. The soul feels hurt if the Asthi Visarjan is not performed as specified in the holy books.
  • The Asthis are collected either on the day of cremation or on the 3rd, 7th or 9th day and are immersed in flowing water before the 10th day. It is better to collect asthi on the 3rd day following cremation rites.
  • Reserve Vadhyar/Pandit for Asthi Visarjan In Rameshwaram. All the Pooja Samargi will be brought by Vadhyar/Pandit. All the Priests are well experienced and will perform as per Shastra.
  • We can also do Rameshwaram Asthi visarjan on behalf of you .if you are far away, you can send Asthi by post, we will do all the karyas as per shastras and send you photos and videos.
  • Cost of Asthi Visarjan In Rameshwaram starts from Rs8100 and in Dhanushkodi Rs11000, you can call/whatsapp on 9810098099 and send us your details and confirm your Booking.

Thila Homam At Rameswaram

Thila Homam at Rameswaram is a powerful Vedic ritual done to appease one’s ancestors and to appease family members who have had an unnatural death. Thila homam is mainly performed as a remedy by any person suffering from Pitru Dosha in their horoscope. Performing this Thila Homam at Rameswaram is considered very auspicious and powerful.

NTP organizes the entire homam as per the devotee’s requirement including swamy darshan in Rameswaram to performing Visarjanam in Danushkodi along with the homam. We also have provision of booking Food & Accommodation arrangements on request

Thila Homam Cost varies from 15000rs – 850,000rs based on aavartis. Enquire us for more details.

Who Should Perform Thila Homam?

  • Pitru Dosha in their Horoscopes
  • Untimely/ Sudden Death or Accident of immediate Family members
  • Not performing Pitru(ancestral) rituals/ Srardha / Tarpana Regularly
  • Facing Various Problems related to Marriage/ Job / Child Birth / Finances /Fights /Court & Cases
  • Experiencing Paranormal / Negative / Evil Occurrences in life

Our Promise :

  • Vedic Patashala certified and experienced priests.
  • Our manager will be with you throughout the experience in the Temple.
  • Best Accommodation, Travel and Catering services can be arranged.
  • We Guarantee high quality of service and a positive devotee experience.

Performing Thila Homam at Rameswaram, the pithrus (ancestors) are satisfied and they bestow their blessings not only on us but also on our children and grandchildren. Thila homam is performed at our Yagya shaala in Rameswaram. No place is more auspicious and powerful than this place. The shastra further says that even if one of the family members carries this sin, it will affect the others as well.

Hence, all the family members must attend this homam for full effect as it is done only once in a lifetime. Thila Homam is arranged for the peace of the souls who died unnaturally. When they remain restless it creates an adverse effect in our family and continues to generation to generation. Thila Homam helps the suffering soul to seek Moksha.

Why is Thila Homam at Rameswaram Performed ?

To get Nivaran from Pitru Dosha by satisfying our pitru. Not performing Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja/Pariharam will cause unrest or dissatisfaction for the pitru (ancestor), which will cause lot of obstacles like

  • Delay in child birth
  • Difficulty in settling in a job /Sudden Money Loss
  • Late marriage
  • No harmony among family members

How Effective is Thila Homam ?

Known and unknown sins are removed and you get pitru asheervadam(blessings). Here the Mantra is not chanted as in the case of usual ancestor’s ceremony, rather it is mainly performed only once in a lifetime because we are not supposed to disturb our ancestor souls. This homam can help us to remove the Karmic burden.

How is Thila Homam at Rameswaram Performed ?

Thila (alias Gingelly) is offered in this homam. Lord Surya Bhagavan (sun) is worshiped in kalasha and mandala. Gayathri manthra and pitru dosha parihara mantras are chanted. Kalasha, phala and ajya daanas are given followed by Yama raja Pooja & homa then pinda pradanam is performed. Performing Thila homam at Rameswaram is very powerful and it gives Pitru-Moksha.

Benefits of Thila Homam at Rameswaram :

  • Performing thila homam helps in providing relief to the dead souls.
  • Thila Homam / Pitra Dosha Remedies helps in getting rid of Pitru dosham.
  • It provides relief from the sudden sufferings and worries in ones life.
  • Marriage related problems, child birth arising due to Pitru dosham can be overcome by performing thila homam.
  • Brings peace to the souls of your ancestors.

Book Purohit / Priest for Thila Homam at Rameswaram. All the Pooja Samagri will be brought by Purohit. All the Purohits are well experienced and studied from Vedic Pathshala.

Note : To View Thila Homam Cost at Rameswaram, kindly send us enquiry by click on the “Send Enquiry & Get Quotes” button. (Share You astrological Chart and name with Date of Birth so that our astrologer is able to check the same and advice on accord.)

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Kavin / Dhiren

Group Traveller

I am from South Africa – Cape Town, very happy with my order. Will be ordering from Onlineprasad again.
Namastê – Jai Gurudev

thank you
Kavin / Dhiren
Nov 11, 2020

November 11, 2020

Inder and Girija Tiwari

Couple Traveller

My and wife 4 days Ujjain Tour was well planned & our dosh puja was well organised by purohit at the temple. I am greatful to the genuine staff for organising all in my welfare and interest.

Inder and Girija Tiwari
25 June 2019

June 25, 2019
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