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Mantras works best as astrological remedy, but if one can do itself properly, i.e. pronunciation of mantra, daily chanting and requires discipline too. Because it is like exercise, if stopped then problem may reoccur. Mantras mostly (I used word mostly because sometimes excess of any planet’s energy may give bad results too) gives positive results for favorable or unfavorable planets too.

Mantras were introduced by our ancient Indian sages and gurus. Our ancient sages created these mantras word for the special healing properties, i.e. vibrations of planets. Mantras are type of sound therapy. When we chant mantra, sound vibrations are evolved from it which heals the energy of planets on us.

Chanting mantras stimulates the endocrine system. The act of our tongue pressing against the palate of the mouth stimulates the hypothalamus, thalamus, and pituitary. When we recite a mantra, we hit the palate with our tongue. This vibration emanating from the hypothalamus directs the actions of the pituitary gland and governs the endocrine systems. It is also in charge of releasing chemicals and hormones throughout the body and to the brain. This vibration releases chemical hormones that balance the body and have healing effects.

  • In astrology mainly beej mantras are used for healing planets energy. Planets beej mantras are listed below :
·         Sun
  • ॐह्रांह्रींह्रौंसःसूर्यायनमः॥
    (Aum hraanhreenhronsehSuryayNamah)
·         Moon
  • ॐश्रांश्रींश्रौंसःचंद्रायनमः
    (Aum ShranShrinShronsehChandrayeNamah)
·         Mars
  • ॐक्रांक्रींक्रौंसःभौमायनमः
    (Aum KranKrin Kron sehBhaumaayeNamah)
·         Mercury
  • ॐब्रांब्रींब्रौंसःबुधायनमः॥
    (Aum Bran Brin BronsehBudhayeNamah)
·         Jupiter
  • ॐग्रांग्रींग्रौंसःगुरूवेनमः॥
    (Aum Gran Grin GronsehGuruveNamah)
·         Venus
  • ॐद्रांद्रींद्रौंसःशुक्रायनमः॥
    (Aum Dran Drin DronSehShukrayeNamah)
·         Saturn
  • ॐप्रांप्रींप्रौंसःशनैश्चरायनमः॥
    (Aum Pram Prim PronsehShanicharayeNamah)
·         Rahu
  • ॐभ्रांभ्रींभ्रौंसःराहवेनमः॥
    (Aum BhranBhrinBhronsehRahveNamah)
·         Ketu
  • ॐस्रांस्रींस्रौंसःकेतवेनमः॥
    (Aum SranSrinSronsehKetveNamah)


popular Mantras:

> Om – it is one of the most important, popular and sacred hindu mantra and symbol. it is equally popular among sikhs, jains and buddhist. most of vedic mantras contain Om. it the most basic yet most important as it is the source of all mantras

it represents soul (atma) and brahman (ultimate truth, para-atma, divine, knowledge). you can chant this mantra aloud, or internally or meditate on it. there are many ways Om is used. it is the most respected and revered word (sound) in hinduism.


> Gayatri Mantra – regular chanting of gayatri mantra gives wisdom and enlightenment. for a student it is the best mantra to chant.

“Aum Bhur Bhuva Svah

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

DhiyoYo Naha Prachodayat”

Meaning we meditate on the glory of that being who has produced this universe; may he enlighten our minds.


> Mahamritanjaya Mantra – this mantra is dedicated to lord shiva. it is good for overall health and also for getting enlightened. chanting of this mantra can ward off incoming death, any sudden accident or if you want to recover from an illness.

Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam

Urvaarukamiva Bandhanaan Mrityormuksheeya Maamritaat“.

Meaning – OM. we worship the three-eyed lord (shiva) who is fragrant and who nourishes and nurtures all beings. as the ripened cucumber (with the intervention of the gardener) is freed from its bondage (to the creeper), may he liberate us from death for the sake of immortality.


> Om Namahshivaya – dedicated to lord shiva. one of the most popular shiva mantra. easy to chant and pronounce.

Meaning – adoration (namas) to shiva

> hare kṛiṣhṇa hare kṛiṣhṇa

kṛiṣhṇakṛiṣhṇa hare hare

hare rāma hare rāma

rāmarāma hare hare

this is the main mantra of hare krishna movement and also called as maha mantra of vaishnavas. in last century, it was made very popular by  A. C. Bhaktivedanta of ISKON movement.


>”Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” – this mantra is dedicated to lord vishnu and lord krishna

Meaning – “prostration to krishna” or “surrender to krishna” or “salutations to the universal god vishnu”.

in bhagavad geeta, lord krishna had said that one of the way to attain to divine is to surrender everything to me (or to god) and then i will take care of you or i will make sure that you get out of this cycle of life and death. when you surrender totally then ego is not there. you become egoless and then divine (krishna) can take roots inside you. then krishna becomes the charioteer of your life and guides you to the path of moksha.


>”Aum Namo Narayanaya” – dedicated to lord vishnu.

Meaning – adoration (namas) to vishnu or narayan.


>”Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah” – dedicated to lord ganesha.

Meaning – Aum and salutations to shri ganesha


>”Aum Kalikayai Namah” dedicated to goddess kali.

Meaning – Aum and salutations to (goddess) kali


>“Aum Hrim Chandikãyai Namah” – dedicated to goddess chandi

Meaning – Aum and salutations to (goddess) chandika


>“Aum Hanumate Namah” – dedicated to lord hanuman.

Meaning – Aum and salutations to hanuman

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