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Astrological Remedies & Tours

Welcome To Tirath Puja Team of Astrologer

Our Tirath Puja team of Astrologer is a famous astrologer in India with an in-depth perception and specialization in many astrological services. They are  expert predictor and horoscope reader. Being one of the most reputed astrology consultants, he provide saccurate predictions and solve daily life problems. Apart from the astrological solutions, we also have in our group vastu consultant.

** Our Astrological remedies are guided through our group of astrologers available online or during the tour booked with us as  part of tour itinerary .

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Astrological Remedies

Importance of Astrological Remedies

All the horoscope represents the combined energy system of the 9 planets including Rahu & Ketu. Any imbalance of the planetary energy in a chart creates a need for adopting measures to balance out the energy. This, in simple terms is the way Astrological Remedies work to balance out the energy system in human life.

As an individual we make mistakes. We have self destined problemsdue to our temptations and troubles in this life and even for our past life karma. This create a negative form of influences in the horoscope. Certain areas of life being represented by them appear unfulfilled and troubled zones. This can be understood as a negative imbalance in the chart and can be helped by remedies. Remedies can help strengthen or weaken a planet. It’s like an expert’s prescription based on the diagnosis of the Greh Gochar.

Just Visualize of Sunè Its energy can be felt through the light and heat but when you are in a closed room, you would be unable to experience it and all you see is darkness. You need to lift the window blinds to let the energy in. In astrological terms, this window blind represents a malefic aspect of other planets over Sun in form of an eclipse, position in enemy sign, debilitation or placement in negative houses like 6th, 8th and 12th. To open those window blinds, you need remedies. Remedies work both ways – they can activate and re energize a weak planet or nullify the impact of a strong malefic planet and could help you in leading a peaceful life . 

Points of Sharing and Concerns :

Astrology remedies are a means to heal, but they do not avert the loss .Individual own karma manifests in this life so there is no running away from it. In order to ensure the mother nature have created a system of life in a waywe need to experience pain, learn from your mistakes and only then true healing begin mainly we need to concentrate on the way of life that has letting go, charity, fasting, volunteering are few effective ways but all remedies should be conducted with pious and positive heart and mind with a serious approach and sense of responsibility and not to be carried out as barter with the system created by almighty .

The professional Jyotish in our astrological group facilitate the services including palm reading, face reading, and astrological solutions for lost love problems, extra marital affairs, marriage relationships, relationship compatibility tests, divorce problems, health problems, court case problems, mangal doshnivaran, career problems, office problems, vashikaran and vashikaran removal problems.

Usually in our life, we get frustrated as we don’t find any solution to our complex problems. As most of the times dreams are shattered and relations are not working. Vedic astrology is India’s ancient science offering solutions to all such difficult times. Vedic astrology helps us to solve our problems by studying the planetary positions in our birth chart. Our astrologers have helped hundreds of lives to live happy, successful, and healthier life. The group of astrologers have indepth knowledge of Hindu astrology, gem stones, vastu, numerology, and horoscopy to help in minimizing the affect of problem.

Ways and Means of Astrological Remedies:

There are several procedures and methods to perform remedies that align with Vedic astrology principles and tranquilize the ill affects of the dosham

> Mantras

The sound vibrations grouped together & chanted to propitiate planets are mantras. By chanting Mantras, we extend respect to the corresponding planet but also become one with their energy that helps in enlightening our melafic aura and we sweep out of it. The Mantra gets activated by per fusing into that part of your body or the cells that it correlates with, which are ultimately made of the tatva corresponded to that planet. Mantra requires the use of the power of your Mana, meaning mind (Man + tra). It is a relatively safer form of remedy , if chanted correctlyit has little or no side effect,. We can use Mantra and meditation to ward off negative energy that may be troubling us like an overly strong & malefic Rahu, Mars and Saturn. It may not be advisable to strengthen these planets using gemstone. Propitiation of planets in this case using meditation techniques is a better way of remedies. The number of mantra and order may vary to its treatment and ailment i.e., malefics.

** We have group of Pandits & Pujaris who help in completing the count, but we still suggest if mantra is chanted correctly by oneself it gives best result & bliss.

> Tantra

The rituals and actions performed in order to free oneself from the negative impact of planets is Tantra. Tantras are actions performed for the enlightenment of the soul and in doing so, you need to use the power of your ‘Tana’, that is body.

** This needs to be performed by Siddh Purusha who knows the correct technique and not advisable to conducted by oneself to avoid any illeffects.

> Yantra

The devices, symbols or processes used to balance the mind and concentrate your energy on to the concepts that the Yantra depicts. They have varying geometric patterns imprinted comprising of squares, circles and so on and these shapes represent some spiritual power or concept. Sri Yantra is one of the most common Yantra used which has geometrical patterns that represent the Universe, hinting towards the unanimity of the subject and object – of human and divine.According to your eye level place the yantra on a table and place one candle in front of the yantra. Then light the candle and focus your eyes on the flame for 7 minutes and try to do blink your eyes. Focus all your intention and attention on gaining the energy of that yantra into your life. This type of meditation practice is known as Tratika. There are more various techniques we can use when it comes to meditation. By invoking the energies of the yantras into your life, it aids to strengthen the aura, increases concentration and focus. This mediation practice is recommended to do for 21 days.

> Gemstones

Ever since our vedic times, gemstones have been thought to carry talismanic value. The Navagraha concept is specifically popular in Vedic astrology. According to this, each gemstone represents a certain planet and based on the strength or weakness of the planet in the horoscope, a gemstone is recommended to either strengthen or pacify the planet.

Suggestive by our Astrologers Astrology remedies for different problems in life.

When the planets are afflicted or weak in your horoscope, you might face different problems in life. Here are a few proven and do it yourself astrology remedies to improve different aspects of life.
Plan all by yourself  astrology remedies for different problems in life

Remedies for Health

If you face health issues continuously, then do Rudra-Abhishek in home. To do this, chant Rudra Gayatri, “Tat PurushayaVidmahe, MahadevayaDhimahi, Tanno Rudra Prachodayat” and offer holy bath to Shivling on any day of the week continuously for 11 weeks.

If your illness is nor cured for a long time, then throw away one day’s medicines and buy new medicines starting them on Poornima day or during the waxing phase of moon (Shuklapaksh) on panchami, sashti, saptami, ashtami or trayodashi.

If small illnesses trouble you time and again, then chant ‘Om GanapatayeNamaha for 1008 times on Thursdays holding some yellow mustard seeds in the palm. After chanting, wrap these seeds in a yellow cloth and tie in your neck.

To tackle issues related to Career

If you do not get a job, then offer a spoonful of mustard seeds to sun god continuously for 41 days. Arrange to donate water on Sundays and maintain a free water dispenser at the place of your birth for thirsty people. If your career is instable with frequent problems and transfers, then fill five copper vessels with sweets made of basan flour and donate them on Sunday continuing this practice for at least 11 Sundays. If you face obstacles with your official duties, then chant the mantra, “Om VigneshwarayaNamaha” for 108 times a day.
For succeeding in your work, write the job description in a piece of paper, fold it and place it in front of Ganesh along with some supari. Never start any new work during Rahukalam.

To solve problems in Marriage

If the marriage is delayed, chant the mantra, “Om JawalJawalShulani, Dushtgrahaan, Huun Phat Svaha” for 10 minutes both in the morning and evening and especially do this on Ashtami day in front of the picture of Goddess Durga.

If repeated alliances fail to come through, stand in front of moon during night with folded hands and chant the mantra, “Om ShramShreemShrom Sah ChandramasehNamah”,every day for one year.

If you have a weak Mars in horoscope causing problems in marriage, there are some astrology remedies. Chant the mantra, “Om ang angaarkaynamaha”, beginning during Shuklapaksh (waxing phase of moon, accompanied by a sandalwood rosary.

Betterment in love life

If there are frequent problems between you and your lover, then donate rice and besan on Thursdays especially to Sadhus, Fakirs or priests.
If there are frequent disagreements and quarrels between you and your spouse, then donate oil on Saturdays and avoid wearing black clothes. Chant the mantra, “Om pram preem prom sahshanischaraynamah”, facing the eastern direction after sunset in the evening.

Learn the Art of Happiness

Read Durga Chalisa.

Perform Jalabhishek on Shivling.

Feed millet (Bajara) to birds daily.Feed sugar and flour to the ants daily.

Feed Roti to cow, dog & Crow every day

The Blissful Techniqueswith ancestral astrological research-based tools and techniques that helps you discover ways to lead a healthier and happier life. Experience the powerful rhythmic breathing technique, Sudarshan Kriya, Pranayama and practical wisdom for daily life.

·All These Remedies Should Be Done After Complete And Deep Horoscope Analysis, I.E. Birth Chart, Subdivisonal Charts, Nakshatras Etc. Because Wrong Remedies Can Leads To Problems.

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