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Jungle Safari of in the Exotic Land of Nepal

Nepal has always been in our thoughts as the perfect holiday destination due to its amazing view of the mountains. Apart from the adventure journey to the land, there are backpackers who seek inner peace in Nepal. It has a bio-diversified environment that allows the tourists to take the jungle safari. In the lower region of Terai lowlands, the tourists find out the endangered species in these national parks. In the country, you will be getting wide varieties of national parks, conservation areas, and wildlife reserves covering a total an area of 28,999 sq km. In Nepal, a proper balance of riverine and grassland forest.


Mostly, the tourists are quite amazed by the trekking tour around Nepal. If you are quite close towards nature, then you can experience a unique adventurous tour in the mystic land of Nepal. One can go for the adventure tour even after the trekking adventure around Nepal. You will get an amazing spectacle of endangered wildlife creatures in the land of Nepal. It is advisable to avoid traveling across the jungles of Nepal during monsoons. It is quite uncomfortable to travel in those months due to loose soil pattern and insects around you. Every year, these adventure trips are arranged to take the tourists away from the city life to enjoy Mother Nature in the lap of the jungle. You have to travel the lowlands located in the southern part of Nepal for a jungle safari tour. These tropical forests give homage to all those species which are quite unnatural to look at our daily lives. You will be complete enchanted with the spectacular view of these species. Nowadays the deforestation has been the growing issue. Due to cutting down of trees, the forest area is diminishing day by day. In another way, there are many species that are losing their habitat. In the forests of Nepal, you will find the natural habitat of endangered species like Snow leopard, one horse rhino, red panda, royal Bengal tiger, gharial crocodile and many more. These species are going to be extinct due to the lack of natural vegetation. After traveling to these exotic places, you will completely understand how the government of Nepal took initiative to preserve the wildlife of the country.

Chitwan national park

Among 11 national parks, Chitwan national park is the most visited one due to its richness in flora and fauna. You will find these rare species in this national park.  It is located in the central lowlands of Terai. If you are traveling to Chitwan national park, then you should go for the elephant safari. Another important feature is the dugout canoeing. You will be experiencing the thrill of adventure in these dugout canoes. These canoes are made out of tree trunk. You can also go for the bird watching the session. Usually, the tourists go to visit the tribal village located nearby. These ethnic tribal origins are called Tharu. These indigenous groups are located mostly on the southern part of the foothills of the Himalayas. The word tharu derives from the word sthavir. It means the follower of another sect of Buddhism called Theravada.

Bardia National park

You can also go to Bardia National park, located in the western part of the Terai region. You will find the rarest species in these forest areas. You can take a tour around the national park on the back of elephants, boat or jeep. You can also stay back in the tented camp as well. Due to the diversity in the ecology, both these parks exhibit few unique species. Bardia national park is located in the small island of River Narayani. Mostly the tourists get some exotic view of tigers from this park.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Safari Tour

If you are traveling to Nepal during the months of winter then you can go for Kosi Topu. The barrage is located on the eastern part of Nepal. You will view migratory waterfall as well as migratory birds in the months of January and February. You can see some rare species in snakes as well. You will find few endangered species like Swamp Francolin, Bengal florican, dusky eagle owl, marsh warbler, great stone plover, hog deer and many more. You can find the Gangetic dolphins as well in the Koshi river. If you are lucky enough you can also witness the hunting pattern of fishing cats near your camp ponds as well.  You will experience the best kind of forest life in the heart of Nepal.

What you should carry?

As you will be traveling to these exotic national parks, you should wear proper clothes. Natural colored clothes are mostly preferred. Hiking shoes are always advisable to wear for your own safety reasons. One should carry a pocket knife, torch, batteries, camera, first aid box, sun hat, sun cream, insect repellants. You can also bring books to spend your times in the camping site as well.

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